VufuziWeb design and web development


We are a web design and web development company located in Arvika, Western Wermland, Sweden. We develop, design and layout websites for personal users and businesses.

We like being up to date with the latest technologies within the web, and we are. We use HTML5, CSS3, Sass, PHP, and JavaScript among many. Other mentionable technologies we’ve been working with is the Web Audio API, SVG and REST APIs.

Lately we’ve done some work with AngularJS and NodeJS.

Are you looking for a new website that fits the technology of today and the future? Do you need a new design for your current site? A new blog? Contact us then!


Soon you’ll find things we’ve designed and developed here. Some of these are apps for the browser Google Chrome.


We are flexible in our pricing. A typical hourly rate at the moment is 400 SEK (excluding VAT). Price differs depending on your project though, so please contact us for an estimation. If a fixed price fits you better, it can be arranged!


Do you need our help? Contact us then! We are always available for quick responses. If we haven’t answered you within 24h, we are, with great certainty, dead.